• Senior Championships

    Senior Championships

    August may be upon us, but there's lots of great BMC golf to be played.  The Senior Championships will be played on Friday August 14 and Saturday August 15.  There are 3 tournaments running concurrently this year: the Seniors for age 55+, the Masters for 65-74, and the Super Seniors for 75+.  Please click the "Read More" button below for more details.

  • BMC 2015 Board of Directors

    BMC 2015 Board of Directors

    President - Perry Leenders, Vice-President - Gene Nord, Secretary - Tass von Schmidt-Pauli, Treasurer - Mark Schmidt, members at large - Mike Casserly, Rick Danmeier, Bill Hollway, Rick Ites, Steve Olsonoski, Tim Nord, Cory Peterson, Jim Platt and Bob Teese

  • Club Championship

    Club Championship

    Our 2015 BMC Club Championship and our BMC Fall Classic (for those who don't participate in the Club Championship) will be held on Friday August 21 and Saturday August 22.  Please click on the "Read More..." button below to learn all the details about these two events and get registration forms.


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